Sand Free Beach Towels - Ico Traders

Sand Free Beach Towels - Ico Traders

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The coolest vintage vibe beach towels in town!

We’ve taken inspiration from the 70’s beach scene with our jumbo, retro flower ‘Hokey Pokey’ print on the front & an ice creamy Neopolitan stripe on the reverse.

This summer season when you leave the beach, leave the sand behind too.  A quick shake of a sand free towel and the sand falls away easily.

Made from premium 380gm waffle with no scrimping on size: 160cm long x 80cm wide.

It’s big enough to spread out on, small enough to easily pack away.

Super absorbent & quick to dry with original prints each side.

Comes with a handy little zip bag to house your valuables while you swim & wet togs afterwards.