Fiora Umber Earrings - Jasmin Sparrow

Fiora Umber Earrings - Jasmin Sparrow

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Boldy feminine, the Fiora Earrings draw inspiration from botanics in full bloom. A sibylline mix of gemstones nurtures feelings of endurance and grounding. Smoky Quartz halos a single, cabochon-cut Citrine in a floral-like setting with a baroque, sea pearl draped below. Each stone holds and reflects sunlight in its own manner, adding to its magnetic nature.

FIORA, the feminine diminutive for the Italian word for flower finds focus through botanicals. A newfound sense of vibrancy underpins the collection through a unique mix of stones and textural elements. FIORA is an acknowledgment of how we embody and reflect our surroundings, an opportunity to accept the hard and the soft, the matte and the transparent, the roots and the divine.

Handcrafted from recycled sterling silver, Smoky Quartz, Citrine and Baroque Sea Pearl with 2.5ct gold plating.

Earrings measure 3.5cm in length.